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C-Level, SVP, Vice President & Executive Digital Leadership Roles Recruited by Princedale

Headhunting for Chief, SVP & VP positions in digital leadership

Hiring and retaining digital leadership across your business couldn't be more critical in this age of accelerating technology advancement.

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Princedale has created a fine-tuned, thorough and rigorous process to find, assess, then secure the very best fit for our clients and as proven that also goes the distance. 25 years of international headhunting for digital leadership roles has given Princedale the edge illustrated by our impressive portfolio spanning the US, UK, Europe, Scandinavia and Asia-Pacific

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) arrow icon

Responsible for leading a business, getting the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) appointment right is possibly the single most important decision for a board or investors. A great CEO is strategic, ambitious, realistic and a natural leader of both people and outcomes. Effective CEO leadership requires self-assurance, a healthy curiosity, strong analytical skills and, in our view, clear emotional intelligence.

Being a CEO means to serve - customers, clients, investors, stakeholders and employees - and so it isn't for the faint of heart. Princedale helps clients secure leaders who are not only competent and experienced, but those who possess the personal characteristics that make them ideal for the business and its ambition. We look at EQ - emotional intelligence - as well as IQ, headhunting CEO candidates who deliver much more than simply the desirable qualifications, but individuals that show character from the get-go.

The right CEO will bring vision, purpose and robust leadership to a business, ensuring its stability and profitability, whilst also being a growth or transformational leader. Enhancing value to shareholders, overseeing the delivery of world class customer experience and creating a working environment that allows teams to flourish is all in a day's work for a CEO.

Princedale is highly experienced in placing incredible CEOs whose skills and expertise are matched by their longevity in their new roles. If your business is seeking a new Chief Executive Officer, get in touch for a discreet conversation.

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Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) arrow icon

The role of Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) entails overseeing the delivery of sales and commercial strategies, managing annual budgets and often heading up large teams of sales and marketing experts. Performance driven with a head for numbers, strong analytical skills and excellent people skills are essential qualities in a successful CCO.

Taking responsibility for customer satisfaction, presenting financial reports, reviewing and analysing data & insights, and overseeing new product or service launches are all part of a CCO's remit.

Princedale recruits highly experienced and successful CCOs from our extensive worldwide networks of diverse talent. If your business or organisation is in need of your next CCO, let us know.

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Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) arrow icon

A Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) takes on the task of overseeing a business' marketing and customer engagement responsibility with the end goal of profitable revenue growth and customer happiness.. Marketing leaders manage their strategies, tactics, product launches, and all the marketing channels to ensure optimal brand awareness, engagement and sales. The importance of an effective CMO to an organisation cannot be underestimated and is often a challenging role to recruit for businesses.

From our years of marketing leadership searches, there's a wide spectrum of marketing leaders and it's our job to support clients in appointing the right type of marketing expert. We relish the task of headhunting for the role of CMO, drawing on Ru's 25 years in executive search which has led to our unique process of digital leadership search. As with all searches, we have done away with old fashioned job descriptions, and tailor afresh through conversation an accurate, compelling and clear candidate brief, that will attract the right fit. Through our upfront investment, we clarify the remit, key deliverables, ambition, and then the type of individual you are after. This thorough upfront brief taking is often cathartic for our clients as it results in a refreshingly accurate brief, that we can then recruit against.

If you're looking for a CMO to take your digital business to the next level, we would be delighted to help.

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Chief Operating Officer (COO) arrow icon

A Chief Operating Officer (COO) will work as a strong operational business partner to the CEO's role, owning the effective running of the business and its day to day operations. Strong people leadership and organisational skills are a must, as are highly effective communication skills as a COO remits often spans a number of business functions often at scale internationally. A world class COO is often a beacon within a business and has many stakeholders to manage meaning discipline, clarity and rigour as well ast EQ - a key consideration for Princedale are critical characteristics.

Effective COO's have a clear track record of delivery. If you'd like to discuss some of our appointments and their track record, or you're looking to appoint an Operations Director or COO, get in touch.

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Chief Product Officer (CPO) arrow icon

A Chief Product Officer (CPO) is responsible for the strategy and execution of digital product implementation, evolution & delivery. Spanning product innovation, design and production, dovetailing with product releases and the effective marketing required, the CPO needs to ensure that new products are working to deliver value to customers and stakeholders with a strong grip on managing product roadmaps and timescales.

CPOs work with a variety of stakeholders including marketing, commercial, design & engineering and are often challenging due to conflicting priorities. But businesses are often built on their product, so never has it been so important to have world class product leadership in what can often be challenging remits orchestrating outcomes in pressurised environments.

Princedale has extensive experience in recruiting successfully for the CPO role across fintech, ecommerce and energy platformsLooking for a new CPO? We can help.

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Chief Digital Officer (CDO) arrow icon

The role of a Chief Digital Officer is to lead and drive the organisation's digital strategy, foster innovation, improve customer experiences, leverage data and analytics, optimize operations, and navigate the evolving digital landscape. Their ultimate goal is to enable the organisation to thrive in the digital age and stay ahead of competitors.

Princedale's tenacity in ensuring an accurate and tight brief makes it straightforward to find and secure the right fit for business critical Chief Digital officer roles. In fact, we've been described as providing the best shortlist one International HR Director had ever seen.

Looking for your next CDO? Let's speak.

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Chief Customer Officer (CCO) arrow icon

The Chief Customer Officer plays a critical role in championing the customer's perspective within the organisation, driving customer-centric strategies, and ensuring that the company consistently delivers an exceptional customer experience across all customer touchpoints. Their ultimate goal is to build strong customer relationships, maximise customer satisfaction and loyalty, and drive sustainable business growth.

Princedale is recognised as a leader in hiring customer champions and has a proud track record of appointing successful Customer Directors and Chief Customer Officers.

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Chief Growth Officer (CGO) arrow icon

The role of a Chief Growth Officer (CGO) can vary depending on the organisation and industry. However, the primary focus of a Chief Growth Officer is to drive sustainable and accelerated business growth, collaborating across functions to ensure optimal business performance in line with their growth goals and ambitions. The CGO takes responsibility for driving a company's growth, across both revenue related and audience/customer base metrics. To this end, a great CGO collaborates on, measures and provides support for growth initiatives, and works with the sales, marketing and product teams.

Princedale maps growth leaders in a highly targeted way, looking for both track record and the requisite characteristics needs to deliver growth in this executive leadership role. If you need help finding the CGO to drive your company forward, let's talk.

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We also help clients with the following SVP & VP roles:

  • SVP & VP Commercial
  • SVP & VP Marketing
  • SVP & VP Customer Experience
  • SVP & VP Digital
  • SVP & VP Technology
  • SVP & VP Data Analytics & Insights
  • SVP & VP Operations
  • SVP & VP Product
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"Our heartfelt gratitude to Ru and his team at Princedale Partners for their outstanding efforts in finding us a great candidate for our organisation. From start to finish, their professionalism, expertise, and commitment to excellence have been outstanding. A thorough understanding of our requirements, combined with their extensive network of candidates, enabled them to identify the ideal fit for our organisation."

Annie Reading, SVP Human Resources, Audio Network
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"The search with Ru and Princedale was easy and straightforward. I really appreciate the personalised service and the regular communication. Ru just got the nuances of the culture of the organization and understood our leadership profile - critical for any new hire at Hyatt. Princedale presented really great candidates and we’ve just made a great hire from it."

Eric Brun - SVP Commercial, Hyatt
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"Ru strikes a great balance of being open to our evolving thinking, and also challenging us in a constructive manner. Thank you for adding two fantastic candidates to our team, and I look forward to working with you again in the future."

Jamie Finer - Chief Digital Officer, Bugaboo
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"Ru is a brilliant asset to any CEO looking to find the right leadership for their business. The very open and honest approach Ru takes with both client & candidates means the process is well oiled. He very quickly ‘gets’ the right character as well as experience needed. His connections in the consumer digital & ecommerce space are superb. A pleasure to work with. Thanks Ru"

James Sturrock - CEO, Tapi

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